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2 weeks into keto no weight loss

2 Weeks Into keto No Weight Loss – Why and What To Do About It

It’s Common to Stall Early on Keto

So you’re 2 weeks into keto no weight loss? What’s the deal? Well, as a long-time health coach and fitness enthusiast, one of the most common questions I hear from clients first starting a ketogenic diet is “why am I not losing weight after 2 weeks on keto?”. It’s perfectly normal to experience a stall in weight loss around the 2 week mark when beginning a ketogenic lifestyle. Our bodies can take some time to adapt to burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

Here are a few potential reasons for stalling early on keto and what you can do:

1. You may not be in ketosis yetketo, diet, nutritious

Reaching the metabolic state of ketosis takes discipline in restricting carbohydrates. Not achieving ketosis is one of the main reasons people don’t see results in the first couple weeks. I recommend using urine ketone strips or a blood ketone meter to confirm you’re producing ketones. Tracking macros with an app also ensures you’re limiting carbs enough. Aim for 20-50g of net carbs daily.

2. Water weight is masking fat loss

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When first starting keto, it’s common to lose 5-10 pounds rapidly due to water weight changes. However, this initial “whoosh” of weight drops off after a couple weeks, sometimes obscuring fat loss on the scale. Take body measurements and photos too to see subtle body recomposition. Stay patient – fat loss will come.

3. Calorie intake may be too highwhite and black plane in mid air

It’s easy to overeat on keto since fat and protein are so satiating. However, calories still matter for weight loss. Track your intake with an app like Cronometer to ensure it’s in a mild deficit. Opt for lower calorie keto options like green veggies when snacking.

Addressing underlying issues can help too

Check for medical conditions

Conditions like hypothyroidism, PCOS or elevated cortisol can interfere with weight loss. See your doctor to rule out any issues hindering your progress. Often lifestyle modifications in addition to medication are needed.

Manage stress and get quality sleep

Chronic stress raises cortisol, disrupting hormones and metabolism. Poor sleep does similar damage by impacting hunger signals. Try relaxation techniques before bed like meditation or yoga. Get 7-9 hours shut eye.

Prioritize exercise

High intensity workouts after 2 weeks of adaptation can boost fat burning. Aim for 150 minutes per week through activities you enjoy like dancing, cycling or strength training. For more info on the best high intensity workouts, check out our post on the best HIIT exercises for fat loss.

Give it time – Keto is a marathon not a sprint

Our bodies didn’t gain weight overnight, and it takes time to lose it healthily too. Many clients see breakthroughs around the 4-6 week mark as their bodies fully adapt. Be patient and stick with it – I promise the weight loss will come. Focus on how you feel, not just numbers on the scale.

Try these tips to kick start weight loss:

Cycle carbs

Going in and out of ketosis may boost fat loss. Try adding back 50g of carbs one day per week from veggies to “refeed”.

Increase fat intake

Up your healthy fats with avocado, coconut oil or MCT oil to maximize ketone production and fully induce fat burning.

Intermittent fast

Fasting 16 hours and eating within an 8 hour window shifts hormones and burning fat for energy.

The Final Word

Stalling after 2 weeks on keto is completely normal and temporary for most. Remember weight loss is non linear – don’t get discouraged by the numbers. Focus on lifestyle changes like stress relief, activity and eating whole foods. Your body will thank you as it fully adapts to burning fat. Stay motivated – I’m here for you every step of the way on your health journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why am I not losing weight after 2 weeks on keto diet?

As covered above, it’s common to stall weight loss around the 2 week mark as your body adapt to keto. Don’t get discouraged – focus on ensuring you’re tracking macros, keeping calories moderate, staying hydrated/electrolytes balanced, managing stress, and being active. Many clients see a “whoosh” of weight loss between weeks 4-6 once fully keto adapted.

Q2. How much weight should you lose on keto in 2 weeks?

Most health professionals recommend aiming to lose 1-2 lbs per week for sustainable weight loss. Anything more could signify loss of water/muscle instead of fat. Within the first 2 weeks, you may lose 5-10 lbs rapidly due to water weight changes. But don’t expect big number losses each week – fat loss happens gradually. Focus on progress pics and measurements over the number on the scale.

Q3. Why am I not in ketosis after 2 weeks?

Not being in ketosis after 2 weeks likely means carbs are too high. Strictly limit net carbs to 20-50g daily by weighing/measuring portions and tracking everything you eat. Also check for hidden carbs in sauces, snacks. Try a ketone blood meter to confirm levels. It can take 3-4 weeks for some to achieve ketosis, but tracking is critical to get your body in fat-burning mode.

Q4. Is it normal not to lose weight the first month on keto?

Yes – your body needs 4-6 weeks fully keto-adapt before fat loss really takes off. The first few weeks focus on cutting carbs and adjusting to burning fat versus sugar. Water weight fluctuations may mask fat loss too. Most start to see results between weeks 3-4 once fully fat-adapted. Stick with it – your body will efficiently burn fat once accustomed to a very low carb intake long-term.

Q5. Why am I not losing weight on keto after 3 weeks?

After 3 weeks, the most common culprits for stalling are eating too many calories, sneaking in too many carbs, or not prioritizing exercise. Review your food log/macros with an app and ensure calories are in a mild deficit for your stats. Up your activity – even light walking aids fat loss. Also manage stress through meditation and quality sleep. Give it another week or two – if still stalled, adjust calories/macros slightly with your wellness team. Patience and consistency are key.

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