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Cortexi: My Honest Review

You know what it’s like when your searching high and low for something that can actually support your hearing health and mental sharpness, but nothing seems to do the trick. 

That’s exactly how I felt just a few months ago, so you’re not alone. Then I found Cortexi on a random ad online, and I had a look, watched their video explaining how it works, and decided to give it a try. So after 3 months of use, I think I’m in a good position to share my honest review of this natural supplement and share my experience of how it helped me regain my hearing health as well as mental acuity. 


My Journey to Finding Cortexi

I found myself struggling with my hearing health and I was starting to get really worried and began looking for a solution. I’ve now tried various products but none of them actually gave me the results I wanted. That’s when I found Cortexi, a natural supplement said to support healthy hearing and mental sharpness. Well, I didn’t think I needed help with mental sharpness but hey I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt!

I was skeptical at first, but after watching the video explaining how it works and reading all the positive reviews and testimonials across the internet and on their website, I decided to give it a shot, and I’m going to share my experience with you guys, so let’s get stuck in!

First Impressions of Cortexi


I ordered off their official website and I recommend if you are going to try it, get it off the official website, it’s the cheapest and you know it’s 100% official. The checkout process was simple and easy, I paid with my card on the secure checkout, and that was that. I got an email confirming the order shortly after.


When the package first arrived at my front door, I was happy the package was professional in its looks and sleek in design. The bottles inside feel high quality and the step-by-step instructions they came with made the process all the easier. I’m not the sharpest at the best of times, so for me, it needs to be clear, simple, and concise! Thankfully there was no confusing jargon with any of it. 

Product Details

Cortexi actually comes as a liquid in a bottle with a dropper, which makes it really easy to slip drops under my tongue or mix in a drink, depending on how I feel. Cortexi contains over 20 all-natural ingredients, that all work together to improve hearing quality and mental mental sharpness. Plus I noticed on their official website that it’s made in the USA, in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility, which right away gave me confidence in the quality of the product. 


The Natural Ingredients in Cortexi

Cortexi contains a blend of natural ingredients, such as grape seed, green tea, Gymnema Sylvestre, Capsicum Annuum, Panax Ginseng, Astragalus, Chromium Picolinate, and Maca Root. I was glad to see that the formula is non-GMO and non-habit-forming, making it a safer choice for long-term use.

So Cortexi contains a very specialized blend of natural ingredients, which includes grape seed, green tea, Gymnema Sylvestre, Capsicum Annuum, Panax Ginseng, Astragalus, Chromium Picolinate, and Maca Root. I was happy to see that the ingredients were all-natural, non-GMO, and non-habit forming, making it a much safer choice for me to use long-term. I’m very particular about my health, so I’ve already done the research into the ingredients and effects, and for me, there shouldn’t be any problem taking the supplement long term. 

How I Started Using Cortexi

Initial Experience

So I started using Cortexi, and followed the instructions, by placing one full dropper under my tongue when I got up in the morning, just before breakfast. I noticed the slight herbal taste it has, it wasn’t unpleasant or overpowering and thankfully didn’t taste like horrible medicines I’ve taken in the past. After a few days, I swapped to dissolving the dropper full into a glass of water or juice, whichever I found more convenient at the time, but either is fine. 

Daily Routine

Integrating Cortexi into my daily routine was a breeze, and I began to look forward to the morning as part of my daily morning ritual. My hearing is really important to me, I love music, so I wanted to make sure I took it properly and consistently, so for the past 3 months, I haven’t missed a single drop. Every day I’ve taken it for 3 months and here are the results…

Changes in my Hearing & Mental Sharpness

After roughly 1 month of consistent daily use, I started to notice significant improvements in my hearing. The noise and interference that used to plague me daily, were massively reduced, and i could actually hear my loved ones talking clearly and my all-time favorite songs more clearly again! Also, my mental acuity and focus seemed to have improved quite a bit, I find myself losing my training of thought much less, I’m sharper and more articulate in conversations, and I find myself forgetting things much less. Amazing!


Comparing Cortexi with Other Products I’ve Tried

I’ve tried numerous supplements and products in the past, but Cortexi stands out because of its natural formula and effectiveness. I appreciate that it’s not a quick fix but instead focuses on long-term results.  

I have tried multiple different supplements promising this and that in the past, but for me Cortexi stands head and shoulders above the rest because of its 1. Effectiveness and 2. It’s all natural set of ingredients. I understand that fixing my hearing is not a quick fix, but thankfully so does Cortexi, they focus on long-term results. The improvements I have experienced so far have been life-altering. I’m now on month 3, and every month I feel my hearing is a bit better each month!

The Bonuses That Came With Cortexi

Hear Like A Pro

Also as a bonus, when I bought Cortexi on the official website, I received an e-book called “Hear Like a Pro”. I read it causally over about 3 weeks after receiving it. It was really helpful and gave me real-world actionable tips and trips for how to maintain and improve my overall hearing quality and health naturally, much appreciated, it’s a great book to be fair. 

Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Memory

Another bonus I received was the e-book “Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Memory.” This guide is filled with practical advice on enhancing memory and cognitive function, which I found to be an excellent complement to the Cortexi supplement.

Cortexi’s 60-Day Money-back Guarantee

One of the things that convinced me to try Cortexi was the 60-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee made me feel more secure in my decision to try the product, knowing that if it didn’t work for me, I could easily request a refund.

The Pricing Options for Cortexi

Cortexi offers various pricing options, making it accessible to different budgets. I initially opted for a single bottle to test it out, but after seeing the results, I went for the discounted three-bottle package. There’s even a six-bottle package for those looking to stock up and save more.

My Friends’ Experiences With Cortexi

I was so impressed with my results that I recommended Cortexi to a few of my friends who were also struggling with hearing health and mental sharpness. They, too, experienced noticeable improvements in their hearing and cognitive function, further confirming the effectiveness of this product.

Pros and Cons of Cortexi


  • Natural, non-GMO formula
  • Easy to incorporate into the daily routine
  • Noticeable improvements in hearing health and mental sharpness
  • Non-invasive
  • Comes with helpful bonus e-books
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Slightly expensive, but worth the investment
  • Results may vary for different individuals

What I Wish I Knew Before Trying Cortexi

Before trying Cortexi, I wish I knew how important it was to give the product time to work. It’s not an overnight solution, but with consistent use, the results are impressive. Patience and commitment are key when it comes to Cortexi.

Who Cortexi is Suitable For?

Cortexi is suitable for adults looking to improve their hearing health and mental sharpness. It’s particularly beneficial for those who prefer a natural, non-GMO solution and are willing to commit to using the product consistently.


Cortexi has been a game-changer for me in terms of hearing health and mental sharpness. The natural, non-GMO formula, ease of use, and noticeable results make it a product I’m happy to recommend. If you’re struggling with hearing health or cognitive function, Cortexi might be the solution you’ve been searching for.


How long does it take to see results with Cortexi?
Results may vary, but many users, including myself, begin to see improvements after about a month of consistent use.

Can I use Cortexi if I’m taking other medications?
It’s always best to consult your healthcare provider before starting any new supplement, especially if you’re taking medications or have pre-existing health conditions.

Is Cortexi safe for long-term use?
Cortexi is a non-GMO, non-habit-forming supplement, making it a safer choice for long-term use. However, it’s always a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider before using any supplement for an extended period.

Where can I buy Cortexi?
Cortexi is available for purchase on the official website here. Buying from the official site ensures you get a genuine product and can take advantage of any discounts or promotions they may offer.

Does Cortexi work for everyone?
While many users, including myself, have experienced positive results with Cortexi, it’s important to remember that individual results may vary. If you’re unsure whether Cortexi is right for you, consult with your healthcare provider to discuss your specific needs and concerns.